We make everyone into a data scientist

It’s not about the data you collect, its about what you can do with that data

No training needed

Distributed computing

Predictive modeling

Story-telling and visualizing

Cross Channel Analytics and Machine Learning

A Complete Business Optimization Platform


Become more efficient by not having to spend hours running complex queries or waiting on an engineer to find the data they are looking for. Our Conversational queries and signal detection simplify how you interact with your data.


By leveraging our automated reporting and customized AI each individual in the organization gets a personalized data experience. Saving everyone time.


By taking the guesswork out of complex queries and analyzing the massive amounts of data your organization collects; We help you recognize trends and opportunities you may have otherwise missed.


We detect anomalies in your data and bring relevant information to your attention 24 hours a day. This allows you and your team to focus on strategy and driving revenue.

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