Our mission is to automate all of the reporting for a business, to provide them daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reports. To allow them to easily share that information with co workers within the platform by simply telling our assistant ELO to send that report forward. We also want to provide a personalized data experience for each user. We record all the queries and questions you ask in order to learn what to include in your reports so even if you work for the same company the reports you get will vary depending on what data points are most valuable to you. Each experience with the data should be unique. We wanted to make it easy for anyone to query and ask questions of all of the data, no training required. Finally we wanted Ai to do all of the heavy lifting and provide outlier and correlated data that may not have been otherwise discovered and bring it to users attention, personalizing it based on user experience.

We level the playing field for small and mid-sized businesses by providing them insights to data that until now has been reserved for large companies that can afford the data scientist and experts to go and mine it.

Recalls ultimate goal is to save companies time and money by democratizing data and automating reporting.

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